Halloween is just around the corner. If you are planning a Halloween party here are some fun recipes to try. You may even get some help from the kids decorating! 

Kid’s Teeth Snacks

Try this fun and easy Kid’s Teeth Snacks recipe from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary. The kids will love helping with this spooky snack. 

Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Put a Halloween twist on traditional rice krispies with this Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats recipe from Big Bear’s Wife.

Chocolate Monster Cookies

Use your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and make these Chocolate Monster Cookies from Self Proclaimed Foodie. 

Claw Blood Cupcakes

Try these Claw Blood Cupcakes from Now Thats Peachy. These cupcakes would be great for a Halloween party! 

Spiced Chocolate Bat Cookies

These Spiced Chocolate Bat Cookies from Country Living would be a great lunchbox treat on Halloween.

Ladies’ Fingers and Men’s Toes

Put Ladies’ Fingers and Men’s Toes on the menu with this recipe from Delish. 

Bloody Eyeball Dessert

Your dessert will be staring back at you with this Bloody Eyeball Dessert recipe from Nerdy Mamma. 

Rice Krispy Treat Brains

If your kids love Rice Krispy Treat then try this easy Rice Krispy Treat Brains recipe from Left Brain Craft Brain.