It’s the time of year when most people are thinking about holiday parties, shopping, and spending time with those closest to them. While most people are thinking about these things, some are thinking about real estate. If your home is for sale this holiday season here are some tips that potential buyers will love.

  • Clean and stage your home prior to decorating for the holidays. When selling your home the goal is for it to be free of clutter and excess items. If your room is already filled with ‘stuff,’ adding Christmas decorations to the mix will make the room feel overcrowded. 
  • Less-is-more. A home that is decorated tastefully and moderately will create a festive feeling in your home without overwhelming potential buyers. Choose depersonalized decorative items that would appeal to the masses and help potential buyers visualize themselves living in the home. 
  • Match Holiday Decor to Your Current Decor. Use your festive decor to accent the current colour scheme of your home. Too many colours can be distracting to potential buyers and can make the home feel cluttered. 
  • Emphasize Your Home’s Features. Choosing the right decorations can help to emphasize features in your home such as the fireplace or entryway; too many decorations can cover up the features and make it feel cluttered.
  • Light Your Exterior. Use neatly hung outdoor lighting to welcome potential buyers to your home. Avoid using inflatables in the front yard that may detract from the main feature - your home!
  • Be Mindful When Picking & Putting Up Your Tree. The flow of your home is important to potential buyers so try avoiding a tree that will overwhelm the space; a large tree in a small room will make the room feel even smaller. When decorating the tree try to avoid personalized ornaments and use themed ball ornaments that match the current decor of the room. If you use tinsel beware that it tends to travel through the house and you may need to pay some extra attention to cleaning before showings as a result. 

Remember, your holiday decor should accentuate your home and you don’t need to fill every empty space with it. If you feel a little deprived of holiday flair this year just remember that, if all goes as you hope, you will be celebrating the holidays in a new home next year and can decorate it however you like.