It’s Thanksgiving this weekend which generally means a big family gathering. If you are this year’s host, here are some tips to help you stress less this Thanksgiving. 

Make a Plan

Take some time now to make a game plan for the big day. Figure out what you have, if family members are bringing side dishes and what you need to get. This will help minimize the number of trips you make to the store.

Organize & Make a List

Keep a list of everything you have done and what you need to do. This will help to ensure that everything makes it out to the dinner table and at the right time. 

Get a Head Count

Numbers can change the day of the event but try to get a general head count ahead of time so you know how much food to prepare and how many places you will have to set at the table. 

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Determine the menu ahead of time and don’t overcomplicate everything or else you won’t have time for it all. If you have a few more complicated dishes then make sure you have others that are quick to get on the table. 

Make Ahead

Some items can be made in advance and don’t need to be made the day of the party. Take some time the day before to make what you can ahead of time to make time the next day for what can’t be done ahead. 

Ask for Help

While you are busy making sure everyone else enjoys their day, be sure to take some time to enjoy yours too! Ask for help to get tasks accomplished quicker so that everyone can enjoy themselves.