The time you take to prepare your home for sale prior to it being listed is critical to ensuring your home looks its best in the eyes of potential buyers. Aside from cleaning/de-cluttering, professional interior staging, professional photography, and multimedia ads that you or your agent would have done prior to your home going on the market no matter what the time of year, there are some additional steps to take in order to prepare your home for sale during the winter months. If you are selling your home this winter here are a few tips to ensure your home looks its best.

Leave a Good First Impression

If buyers have to trudge through a a foot of snow or skate to your front door this will give them a poor first impression of the home and lead them to believe the home is not well maintained. So make sure that after each snowfall you clear your driveway and walkways of snow and minimize the amount of ice build up by scraping it or applying salt. 

Turn on the Heat

Many us of use programmable thermostats so that the temperature in the home lowers when no one is home and goes up when you return. While this is great for saving on the utility bill, it is not for great for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere that makes buyers want to linger. Make sure that the temperature is set at a normal temperature during showings. If you have a gas fireplace, turn it on before showings. Not only will this show buyers that it works, but it will also help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Let There be Light

During the winter months there are fewer hours of natural daylight. If you have showings while the sun is shining make sure your curtains are open to let the natural light in. For showings after the sun goes down makes sure that exterior and interior lights are turned on to help brighten dark rooms. 

Show of Summer Possibilities

If you have some nice pictures of the backyard or flower beds send them to your real estate sales representative so they can add them to multi-media ads for your property. Maybe even consider creating a photo album to leave out for buyers to view during showings. This will help to show off your backyard’s features that are covered in snow such as a pool, outdoor kitchen, and landscaping.